Below is a record of TAPHE conferences, executive members, award winners, and fun facts dating back to our inception in 1972.  If you have any information regarding the history of TAPHE please contact Justin Oliver.

2018 - Sackville High School, Sackville, NS


Conference Chair -  Justin Oliver & Robyn Zwicker

President - Jennifer Lloyd- McKenzie

Keynote: Joey

2017 - Sackville High School, Sackville, NS

"Now Let's Do What's Best for You"

Conference Chair-  Justin Oliver

President- Jennifer Lloyd- McKenzie

Keynote: Joyce Sunada , The Wellness Educator

2016 - St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS

"Xperience Wellness"

Conference Chair -  Dan Robinson

President- Jennifer Lloyd- McKenzie

Keynote: Marg Schwartz (

2015- Citadel High School, Halifax, NS
TAPHE and Sport NS Physical and Health Literacy Conference
“Coming together: Making it Happen”

Conference Chair-  Jennifer Lloyd- McKenzie & Amy Walsh, Sport NS

President- Jennifer Lloyd- McKenzie
Keynotes: Dr. Stephen R. Norris, Richard Monette, Dr. Colin Higgs & Dr. Doug Gleddie,

2014 - Cape Breton University, Sydney

“How Tweet it is”

Conference Chair- Mary Lou Andrea

President - Steve Ranni
Keynotes: Dr. Amanda Stanec ( Joey Feith (

2013- Ecole de Sommet, Bedford, NS
"Press Play on TAPHE"

Conference Chair- Jason Flinn

President- Steve Ranni

2013-2014 PHE Canada Student Award- Rebecca Bell- StFX

2013-2014 TAPHE Awards- Dorothy G. Walker Award of Merit- Mary Fisher

Physical Education Teaching Excellence Awards

Leta Totten- AVRSB

Leroy Hodder & Kevin MacRae- CBVRSB

Lori Shaw & Billy Digout- SRSB

Shane Hampton- CCRSB

Darrell Coldwell- HRSB

Matthew Haliburton- TCRSB

Régis Bélanger- CSAP

Health Education Teaching Excellence Awards

Caroline Whitby- AVRSB

Tanya Fifield- CBVRSB

Dr. Stan Kutcher- HRSB

Selena Davidson- SSRSB

Bryan Smith- SRSB

Yvette Surette- TCRSB

2012- Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, Yarmouth, NS
“Fit for the Future” Conference

Chair- Lori Sigfridson

President- Steve Ranni

2012-2013 PHE Canada Awards- Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award Recipient- Mr. Bryan Smith Physical Education and Vice President of St. Andrew’s Consolidated School, SRSB

2012-2013 PHE Canada Student Award-Ryan Fahey B.Ed, St. Francis Xavier University

2012-2013 TAPHE Awards- Dorothy G. Walker Award of Merit Recipient- Bev Johnstone

Physical Education Teaching Excellence Awards

Renda Vanderton-Hansport School/LE Shaw-AVRSB

Troy Rudderham-St. Joseph Elementary-CBVRSB

Kaelin Gillis-Riverside Education Center-CCRSB

Mike MacDonald-Calwell Road-HRSB

Eric Dolliver-Parkview- SSRSB

Scott Hudson- St. Mary’s Academy-SRSB

Ida Olford- Meadowfields-TCRSB

Mary Lou Buckle- National Recipient

Health Education Teaching Excellence Awards

Wendy Kinney- Islands Consolidated- TCRSB

Erin MacPherson- St. Andrew Junior High-SRSB

Dana Grant- Astral Drive- HRSB

Sue Stephenson-Active Healthy Living Consultant-CCRSB

Jennifer Gillis- Glace Bay Elementary- CBVRSB

Dawne MacLeod- AVRSB

2011- Bridgewater Jr. & Sr. High School, Bridgewater Elementary, Bridgewater, NS “Get Balanced in Bridgewater”

Conference Chair- Selena Davidson

President- Steve Ranni

2011-2012 TAPHE Awards

Physical Education Teaching Excellence- Neil MacKinnon

2011-2012 PHE Canada Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award- Jill Fraser

2010- North East Kings Educational Centre & Glooscap Elementary, Canning, NS,
“Be Here…For the Health of It”

Conference Chair- Dawne MacLeod

President- Steve Ranni

2009-2010 PHE Canada Student Award Recipients- Joy Dickie StFX and Amanda Crossman StFX

2009-Gorsebrook Jr. High & Inglis St. Elementary- Halifax, NS,
“Halifax’s Healthy Hotspot”

Conference Chair- Colleen Harris

President- Mike Soares

2009-2010 TAPHE Physical Education Teaching Excellence Award- John McGowan

2008- Truro Jr. High- Truro, NS,
“Merging Mind and Movement”

Conference Chair- Sue Stephenson & Anitra Dagley

President- Shawn Whitty

2008 Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award - Kelly Spencer

2007- Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High- Antigonish, NS,
“Highlighting Healthy Living in the Highlands

Conference Chair- Amanda Stanec

President- Mike Soares

2007-2008 TAPHE Physical Education Teaching Excellence Award- Brian Archibald

2007 Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award - Jerome Stewart

2006- Sherwood Park Educational Centre- Sydney, NS,
“Healthy Promoting Schools: Leading Healthy Change”

President-Shawn Whitty

2006-2007 CAHPERD National Physical Education Teaching Excellence Award- Anthony Corbin

2005- Avonview High School- Windsor, NS,
“TAPHE Celebrates…2005 Year of Sport and Physical Education”

President- Jerome Stewart

2005-2006 TAPHE Physical Education Teaching Excellence Award- Paula MacRae

2004- Meadowfields Elementary, Yarmouth Jr. High, & Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School- Yarmouth, NS,
“Phys Ed and More in 2004” partnered with Family Studies

Conference Chair- Grant Dunn

President- Shawn Whitty/ Andrew Longley

TAPHE Award- Dorothy G. Walker Award of Merit- Brian Noble Meadowfields Elementary- TCRSB

2003- St. Andrew Jr. High & Antigonish Education Centre- Antigonish, NS,
“Highland Hearts 2003”

Conference Chair- Jerome Stewart

2002- Sackville High School, Sackville, NS,
“TAPHE- The Next Generation”

Conference Chair- Pat Dunphy

President- J. Andrew Longley

2001- Richmond Academy, Louisdale, NS,
“Celtic Connections”

Conference Chair- Michael Soires and Jason MacLean,. Richmond Academy October 25 – 27th.

President- J. Andrew Longley

Lifetime Award winners; Sheila Munroe, Judy Wylie and Richard Foote,

TAPHE Award- Dorothy G. Walker Award of Merit Recipient- Brian Noble Meadowfields Elementary- TCRSB

2000 At the CAHPERD National Conference in Orillia, Heather Morse won the R. Tait Mackenzie Award.  In 2000, Norma Adams, Farida Gabbani and Dorthy G. Walker were inducted as Charter Fellows into the North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance Professionals

1999 CAHPERD National Conference, Wolfville, NS.
Conference Theme: “Healthy Youth: A Community Investment” ; CAPHERD, FST, and TAPE

President, J. Andrew Longley; 
Past President; Brian Noble, 
VP, Jeffrey Moore, 
Treasurer, Bob Murphy;
Secretary, Jan Routledge,

1998 At the CAHPERD National Conference in Saskatoon, Farida Gabbani won the R. Tait Mackenzie Award

President, J. Andrew Longley; Past President; Brian Noble; VP, Shirley Richard; Secretary, Jeff Moore; Treasurer, Doug Hart; Newsletter Editor; Laurie Shaw; Member at Large, Tony Clark; CAPHERD Rep; Heather Clark, CSAP, Jeannine Maillet;

Conference theme:  A View To The Future; Partner with FSTA (Family Studies Teachers Association) Conference Location; CPA, Bedford Nova Scotia AND Memorial High School, Sydney Mines;

1997    President, Brian Noble; Past President, Richard Foote, VP Andrew Longley, Secretary; Mike Knowles, Treasurer, Doug Hart; Newsletter, Laurie Shaw; MAL, Tony Clarke; CAPHER Rep; Heather Clarke, CSAP, Jeannine Maillet;

1996 Conference Day consisted of 6 Regional conferences in Halifax, Valley, Northside/Victoria, Strait, South Western and Chignecto

President- Richard Foote

1995- Truro Teachers College, Truro, NS,
“Rediscovering Communities”

President- Paul MacIsaac

Award of Merit, Paul MacIsaac; 
Dorothy Walker Award, Ray Baltzer; 
Honorary Life: Mike McNeil and Don Whynot; 
Young professional award: Sheila MacKenzie.

PD Grants to Hector Campbell $200 and Jennifer MacDonald $300

1994 - “H” was added to TAPE *

1994- Truro Teachers College, Truro, NS,
“Walk Through the Door in ‘94”

President- Paul MacIsaac, VP, Elizabeth Noble; Newsletter Editor, Mike Knowles;

PD Grants to: Marc Stone $200 and Cathy Sibley-White $300

1993- Cole Harbour Place

No one applied for PD money this year

President- Paul MacIsaac

* This is the year Norma Adams, Supervisor of Physical Education of the Dartmouth District School Board sent a letter to TAPE requesting to allow Health teachers become members of TAPE – suggesting they add an ‘H’ to TAPE to be TAPHE.


President, Paul MacIsaac;

Newsletter Editor, Michael Knowles, 
TAPE Award- Dorothy G. Walker Award of Merit Recipient- Farida Blacklock- awarded in Sydney. 
CAPHERD - Young Professional - Janice Hannah, Norma Adams, Bill Adams, Jim MacPherson, Kathy Sibley-White
Hugh Noble Award, Ralph MacLean, 
Anthea Bellemare received a special award and David Harris.

1991-92   Conference 20th Anniversary at Sydney Holiday Inn
TAPE “Measures” Up

President: Paul MacIsaac; Bev Lapierre; VP Janice Hanna, Sect. Marc Stone; Treasurer, John D. Connors; Newletter Editor, Bill Adams
Chairperson Jim MacPherson
CAPHER Rep; Farida Blacklock

1990 TAPE Conference, October 24th . “Swing with a Fling”

President: Bev Lapierre; VP, Paul MacIsaac;  Sect. Marc Stone; Treasurer, John D. Connors;  Newletter Editor, Bill Adams

Conference Chair; Diane Therakauf and Neil Decoff
CAPHERD Young Professional Award -Mary Marker, Hugh A Noble

1989- CAHPERD National Conference Halifax Nova Scotia Theme:  
“The Winds of Change”
President: Heather Morse;

President, Heather Morse; VP, Bev Lapierre; Secretary, Donna Kidston; Treasurer, Harry Savelle; Communications Dir; Richard Foote

Honorary Life Membership, Rexanne Lugar and Ches Parsons,
Award of Merit ; Jacqueline Nicholl and Bill Adams.
Special Award; Donna Kidston and Frank Covey.
Young Professional Award; Robbie Spicer;

CAPHERD Young Professional Award -Frank Covey, Maragaret Gallant, Brain Mutimer
Certificate Of Merit from CAPHERD Lorne Verbrioff;
Fellowship awards, Kathy Johnston and Rexanne Lugar

Norma Adams won the R. Tait Mackenzie Award

CAPHERD Young Professional Award -Kathy Johnston, Rexanne Lugar

1987 Conference: Pictou County
President, Heather Morse; VP, Bev Lapierre; Secretary, John Connors; Treasurer, Harry Savelle; Communications Dir; Mary Lou MacPherson
Chairperson: Donna Kidston

TAPHE Award of Merit; Heather Morse.
Special Award; Kathy Sibley-White and Helen Greenough,
CAPHERD Young Professional Award - Jim MacDougall, Elizabeth Vermeulen, John Pooley, Lorne J. Verabioff, Dorothy G Walker

1986 Conference October 23 24 25th in TRURO.
President; Audrey Matheson; VP, Heather Morse; Secretary, John Connors; Harry Savelle; Communications Dir: John Astaphen

Conference Chairperson; Hector Campbell.
Lifetime membership award to Bob Burchill.  
The G.E.R.A.L.D was a “special award”  ….,generous, energetic, reputable, ambitious, leader, and devoted……went to Gerald Carty.
Special award- Tom Fahie.
Award of Merit- Bob Howell, 
CAPHER young professional award- Frank Covey

President; Audrey Matheson, VP, Patsy Blais; Secretary, Erica Vaughn; Treasurer, Harry Seville; Communications Director; Heather Morse

Honorary Award, Fred Mills; Special Awards; Honorable Terrance Donahoe, and Dr. John Savage

1984 Oct. 25-26 Port Hawkesbury
“Strait View of Daily Physical Activity and Education” “Gathering at the Strait”

President- Jim MacPherson
Vice- John Daniel Connors
Secretary- Erica Bawn
Treasurer- Harry Savelle
Communications Officer- Heather Morse
Honourary Life Award Jim MacIntosh
Award of Merit Rexanne Lugar & Kathy Johnston

1983 Queen Elizabeth High School Halifax Oct. 20-22
“Motivate Me in ‘83”

President-Jim MacPherson
Vice- Audrey Matheson
Secretary- Patsy Blais
Treasurer- Mary Joseph
Dorothy Walker receives honourary doctorate from Acadia University
Honourary Life Award Steve Cook
Award of Merit Jim MacPherson

1982  Berwick Central Kings Rural High School Oc. 21-23
“Rally in the Valley”

President- Frank Covey
Secretary- Bev Johnstone
Treasurer- Heather Leonard
Past- Richard Crooks
Vice- Frank Covey
Honourary Life Award Doug Grant
Award Merit Connie MacNeil
Special Award Dr. Norm Watts

1981 Oct. 22-24 Prince Andrew High Dartmouth
“Physical Education Comes of Age: A-activity G- generates E-energy

President- Richard Crooks
Past- Hectory Campbell
Vice- Frank Covey
Secretary- Beverly Johnstone
Treasurer- Heather Leonard
Honourary Life Award Dorothy Walker
Special Award Robert Burchell

1980- Sydney Oct. 23-25
"TAPE Takes Shape”

President- Hector Campbell
Dr. Hugh A. Noble Honour Awards Banquet began
Award of Merit Hector Campbell
Special Award Ruth Fullerton

1979 : Halifax St. Patrick’s Sr High Oct. 18-20
"3’S Company- Something for Everyone” 

President- Bill deMoliter
Vice- Gerald Smith
Secretary- Martha Brown
Treasurer- Richard Crooks
Past- Bob Scott
Conference Chairs- Bev Johnstone and Tom Fahey
Award of Merit Fred Mills & Norma Adams
Special Award Ron MacPherson

1978- TAPE Conference in Truro Oct. 26-28
“Physical Education a Trilogy- The Way It Was, The Way It Is, The Way It Will Be”

President- Bob Scott
Vice- Jim Whynot
Treasurer- Bob Howell
Secretary- Anne Newcombe Smith
Past Pres- Connie MacNeil
Honourary Life Award John ‘Brother’ MacDonald
Special Award Freda Wales

1977- Sept 22-24 Bridgewater
“TAPE Measures Fitness”

President- Connie MacNeil
Vice- Bob Scott
Treasurer- Hector Campbell
Secretary- Martha Brown
Past President- Kathy Johnston
Newsletter- Kathy Johnson

CAHPERD National Conference Wolfville, NS

Honourary Life Award- Dr. Hugh A. Noble

1976- Sept. 23-25 TAPE 4TH Annual Conference at the Inter-provincal School for the Deaf in Amherst “TAPE Goes Ape”

President- Kathy Johnson
Vice- Bob Howell
Treasurer- Sue Brenton
Secretary- Chris MacInnes
Past President- Mike MacNeil

1975- Wolfville June 12-15
“TAPE Worms Out of Doors”

President- Mike McNeil

1974- Dartmouth June 13-15
“Progressive Programming”

President- Norma Adams

June 16, Sydney Nova Scotia Physical Education Teachers Annual Conference

At the 1973 CAHPERD National Conference in Calgary, Dorothy G. Walker won the R. Tait Mackenzie Award.

1972- TAPE was created and inaugural meeting was held at Acadia University on Nov. 18 and Fred Mills was elected president.  First executive meeting was held Dec. 6, 1972