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Message from the TAPHE President,
Jennifer Lloyd-McKenzie


January 23, 2017

To our TAPHE Membership:

Today brings a sense of mixed feelings.  We are optimistic and hopeful of the new tentative agreement that our Provincial Executive has worked so diligently to see changes to our classrooms.  We are nervous and unsure of the responsibilities as we now begin our transition out of WTR.  This too will come with many questions and challenges.

Together, as #NSTUnited, we will work through them. As Physical and Health Educators, we know that we are the heart beat of every school in Nova Scotia.    Necessarily, schools will reflect on the voluntary things teachers were doing, and check-in to see what they choose to do in the future. Some of us are comfortable coaching teams, coordinating intramurals and clubs, and offering games, fitness and sports before school, during lunch and after school.   For others, the realization during work to rule was that YOU are important; the balance between school, family and self became evident for some of us.  It is important to remember that as we move forward.  It’s OK to say no;  it’s OK to ask others to help with our extra curricular programs;  It’s OK to make time for YOU.  

The last 26 school days have certainly been eye opening, challenging, frustrating and hopeful.  We have no doubt that this has affected our membership, possibly even placed strains on relationships with students, parents and colleagues.  Let’s stay strong and remember what we’ve achieved and remember what’s best for our family, students, but most importantly YOURSELF. 

Jen McKenzie





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